July 7, 2011

Proactive Parenting Network Launches Mobile App for Comprehensive Social Media Monitoring Solution

BLUE BELL, Pa., July 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- PredictivEdge today announced the release of the Proactive Parenting Network's (PPN) mobile app, providing on-the-go access to the online safety tools and relevant educational resources available to PPN account holders. PPN is a comprehensive, proactive solution that empowers parents to provide a safe online experience for their children in an ever-changing digital world.

PPN provides protection by monitoring a child's social networking activity through its proprietary language processing technology. Once a potential problem area is identified by PPN, the parent is immediately alerted of the situation. PPN then takes the next step by providing parents with targeted education and resources from i-SAFE and the Mayo Clinic to address the issue with their child. PPN encourages the early detection of problems and truly helps parents be proactive in their child's digital life.

"At PPN, we understand how busy parents are, so we are always looking for new ways to utilize technology to help parent's keep up," said Keith Harry, senior vice president, product management & product development. "The PPN mobile application provides access to alerts concerning the online safety of their child, such as possible cyber-bullying, in the palm of their hand wherever they may be."

In addition to viewing any alerts associated with their child's online social networking activity, the mobile app also provides the parent with access to all of the educational materials from PPN's Knowledge Providers including i-SAFE and the Mayo Clinic. With the release of the mobile app, parents now have access to the same monitoring tools and educational resources available on the PPN website on their mobile phone or other mobile device.

The PPN mobile app is currently available for free though iTunes App Store to anyone that has an active account on www.proactiveparentingnetwork.com.

About Proactive Parenting Network

The Proactive Parenting Network (PPN) is a service of PredictivEdge, a private Pennsylvania-based technology company. PPN provides a comprehensive, proactive solution with premier online safety tools and educational resources that empowers relationships between parents and their children in an ever-changing digital world. PPN offers online monitoring services and educational resources from leading providers. For more information, visit www.proactiveparentingnetwork.com.

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