July 12, 2011

Richter7 Employees Beat Heat, Take Off Pants at Work, Donate to the Needy

SALT LAKE CITY, July 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Expecting 100-degree heat in Salt Lake City this summer, Richter7, a Salt Lake City-based advertising and public relations agency, has mandated a "No Pants" policy from July 12 to Aug. 12, 2011, for the fourth consecutive year. During this time, employees will be donating a variety of clothing items to the needy in Utah through the Volunteers of America.

For the five-week period, all employees will be encouraged to wear shorts, skirts, capris, lava lavas, sarongs, kilts, saris - anything but pants - to work until the heat lets up, even in professional client meetings. Those wearing pants will face the "knickerbocker police," who will fine offenders one quarter. In addition, there will be a donation bin at the office all month, and employees are encouraged to donate clothing to the cause.

"A lot of people seem to forget about the needy in the summer," said Tim Brown, Richter7 partner in charge of the knickerbocker police. "This month-long charity is our version of a Christmas in July, reminding everyone to continue giving no matter the time of year. Donating to the community encourages us to look for creative opportunities and continually make a difference."

This year, Richter7 is inviting members of the American Advertising Federation of Utah to participate by donating clothing, greatly increasing efforts to give back to the community.

Salt Lake City historically registers its hottest days of the year in July and August, with temperatures last year topping 103 degrees. For each day exceeding 100 degrees, Richter7 will hold a "Cool Down" party, providing frozen treats for its 36-person agency. Richter7 will also buy a new pair of shorts for each employee.

"We enjoy doing activities like the No Pants policy, our recent R7 Harry Potter Horcrux challenge and playing in or listening to music from our Richter7 band," said Brown. "Even though our main focus each day is to do the best work we can for each client, infusing fun and building relationships is a natural part of our culture."

Named Utah's "Best of State" advertising agency eight times, Richter7 is nationally recognized for effective advertising, public relations and design for clients from Minneapolis to Hawaii.

SOURCE Richter7 Public Relations