July 13, 2011

Cheetah Technologies LP Announces V-Factor 2.6 Release

PITTSBURGH, July 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Cheetah Technologies LP has released V-Factor(TM) 2.6 for its Source Monitor(TM) product family. V-Factor Source Monitor is the premier video performance monitoring solution within broadband communications and video network applications. The 2.6 release advances Cheetah's capabilities to provide a meaningful and statistically relevant MOS (mean opinion score) grade for video streams.

Most solutions in the Industry provide either a projected video quality analysis based upon underlying health of the network, packet or transport structures. A few solutions provide a video blockiness metric based upon the video coding layer. Cheetah V-Factor 2.6 provides a complete solution that examines network, packet, transport, video coding layer and the digital video stream to determine the quality and MOS grade. Furthermore, V-Factor 2.6 bases this analysis on three metrics including blockiness, blurriness and jerkiness. In addition, V-Factor 2.6 adds metrics such as colorfulness, audio loudness and other key metrics. "In the future, our goal is to continue to add a richer analysis of video metrics and a more complete MOS grade so that our service provider customers can be assured of the most rigorous and complete video performance monitoring solution," said Steve John, President & CEO of Cheetah Technologies LP. "We are committed to ensuring our customers can definitively complete the most thorough and scalable analysis of their video quality."

Cheetah Technologies LP is completing several trials with major service providers, and is currently engaged in activation of major video office installations in cable television, telecommunications, direct broadband satellite and video broadcast facilities. "Our solutions are transformational in that we can create "before and after" analysis on ingest, post-encode and edge locations," stated Steve Day, VP of Marketing at Cheetah. "Degradation of video can occur at so many points in the network, and V-Factor's ability to measure so many different metrics is the foundation of accurate diagnosis of root cause. We are excited about evolving video monitoring to a more intelligent outcome."

V-Factor product line includes the Source Monitor, which is a dedicated, 24/7 video monitor with very detailed video metric analysis. It is capable of economically monitoring 100's of ingest and post encode locations from a central management system.

Cheetah's Stream Probe(TM) Advanced, Edge and QAM are virtual probes that can economically monitor network, packet, transport, video coding layer and digital video streams for 1,000's of deep network and edge locations. Virtual Stream Probes from Cheetah are highly economical alternatives versus hardware-based, fixed function probes. They can be reconfigured and can live almost anywhere a server is located.

Cheetah Technologies LP is a carrier class, systems management solutions developer supplying "quality of service" management systems to broadband network providers and "quality of experience" management systems to video service providers. Cheetah corporate offices are in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Cheetah sells products and services globally, and enjoys partnerships with many of the major broadband technology corporations throughout the World.

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