July 13, 2011

Planning a Daycation? Think Caravan Holidays! 24 Hours at Park Resorts is Cheaper Than 12 Hours at a Theme Park

LONDON, July 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

First we had "staycations", where families began holidaying in the UK to
save money, and now reports suggest that the "daycation" is going to take
over. Daycations involve taking a series of single days off work to go on
day trips, to places such as amusement parks, beaches, and other tourist
attractions. A study by the National Trust found that more than half of
Britons are not planning to take a two week break, and are planning to take
multiple single day holidays. Over half of those surveyed stated that the
cost of a traditional holiday was putting them off. However, one of the four
night caravan holidays [http://www.park-resorts.com ] for a family (of four)
at Park Resorts could actually cost you less than a day trip to a theme park!

A two night weekend break for six people at Park Resorts will cost you a
tiny GBP99 - that's GBP8.25 per person, per night! This price includes
access to all the amenities and entertainment at the resort, such as the
swimming pool and sports facilities.

On the other hand, a single day out could cost you far more than this -
tickets for two adults and two children at Alton Towers will set you back a
whopping GBP122, similar to Legoland which will cost you GBP121. Add to this
the cost of petrol, souvenir photos and snacks, and you'll be spending a
small fortune in a single day. It's clear to see that Park Resorts offers
you great value - four nights accommodation and entertainment can cost you
far less than a single day out!

Editor's notes:

Park Resorts [http://www.park-resorts.com ] offers caravan holidays
across the UK, including Essex, Yorkshire, Kent, Sussex and Scotland. Whether
you are a family, couple or large group of friends, Park Resorts has the
right caravan for you. Accommodation is available to suit all age groups and
price limits, from bronze, silver and gold, with a real emphasis on catering
for the family.

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