July 18, 2011

IndieReader Announces the Launch of The First Annual “IndieReader Discovery Awards”

MONTCLAIR, N.J., July 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- IndieReader (www.indiereader.com), the essential consumer guide to self-published books and the people who write them, has just launched the first annual "IndieReader Discovery Awards" (IRDA).

From professional book reviews and their "Where Indies Count" bestselling list to publishing services and IR Selects (which gets indie books onto the shelves of indie bookstores), IR's goal is to introduce book-lovers to great indie books, while creating opportunity and exposure for indie authors. The "IndieReader Discovery Awards" are an extension of that goal.

Says IRDA's Program Director Izzie Ackerman, "There's no longer much doubt that indie books can be successful, both commercially and creatively. That left the challenge of discovering the best of what's out there. That's where the IRDA's come in, giving indie authors access to people who can make a difference in their book's success--from book reviewers, PR professionals, journalists, publishers and agents (because, let's face it, many indie authors still want to be traditionally published)--all of whom are represented on our panel." A complete list of judges can be found here.

The IRDA's are open to all self-published books with a valid ISBN. Judging will be based on the quality of writing and the originality of the story. While editing, production quality and cover and interior design will also be considered, the goal of the IRDA is to find talented writers and great books. There are no restrictions on pub dates and both eBooks and paper books can be submitted. The entry fee is $150 per title per category, with an additional $50 fee for each category entered (there are 49 in total). Entries will be accepted from July 14th, 2011 through February 29th, 2012 and winners will be announced on June 18th, 2012.

Also setting the IRDA's apart is the absence of prizes like cash awards and fancy dinners. Says Ackerman, "While all the gold foil stars, cash prizes, trophies and awards ceremonies might be fun, the difference between a successful book and a non-successful book (self or traditionally pubbed) is the exposure it gets to people who can help make it a success."

IndieReader.com, the essential consumer guide to self-published books and the people who write them, was founded by Amy Edelman, an author and public relations professional, in 2009.

Amy Edelman
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