July 19, 2011

Technology Goes Waterproof to Protect Beach-going Gadget Heads

LONDON, July 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

Waterproof mobile phones, MP3 players, cameras and Bluetooth headsets
are appearing at beaches all over the country this summer after technology
retailer Expansys [http://www.expansys.com ] launched its Expansys Summer
Essentials range [http://www.expansys.com/summer-essentials-2011 ].

While the gadget market has exploded in recent years with the launch of
popular devices such as smartphones, sophisticated MP3 players and tablet
computers, users have often run into difficulties in summer time when trying
to use their new toys by the beach, at the poolside or at music festivals
and in parks.

Water damage has claimed the lives of many an expensive gadget in the
past, but a new selection of waterproof devices launched by UK retailer
Expansys promises to make drowning gadgets a thing of the past.

Anthony Catterson from Expansys said: "Our new Summer Essentials range
answers the call from the many thousands of gadget lovers who want to be
able to relax with their favourite gadgets in the outdoors this summer,
without the worry of water, sand or weather damage. Many people in the UK
own technology that has become an indispensable part of their lives, so why
should they have to stop using it when summer rolls around?

"The new range includes a number of waterproof gadgets that will survive
being dropped in the pool, soaked by a spilt cocktail and even thrown into
the sea!"

Leading the range is the Lavod AquaCube LFA-296s waterproof MP3 player
[http://www.expansys.com/lavod-aquacube-waterproof-mp3-player-4gb-204177 ],
which is fully functional in up to three metres of water, making it the ideal
music player to take with you when you go for a swim in the pool or head out
for a surf. Both player and accompanying headphones are fully waterproof up
to three metres and, with 4GB of memory, there's room for your entire music
collection on there.

Amongst the most popular items in the new Expansys range is the
Waterproof Smartphone Case
[http://www.expansys.com/expansys-waterproof-case-black-205900 ]. With
smartphones playing such a fundamental role in the organisation and enjoyment
of day-to-day life for so many people, the risk of water damage on a summer
holiday simply isn't worth the risk. The Expansys Waterproof Case protects
smartphones in up to six metres of water, as well as protecting against dirt
and dust, and comes in black, pink and yellow designs with 16 individual
sealing points.

Waterproof camera cases and Bluetooth headsets are also available, as
well as a full range of ultra-portable versions of popular household
gadgets, such as computer hard drives, video cameras, wireless routers and
battery packs.

Mr Catterson added: "We've got everything that a British holidaymaker
needs for the summer, from satellite navigation systems for car journeys and
travelling on foot, to portable hard drives, flip cameras, and even mobile
cinema systems."

SOURCE Expansys