July 20, 2011

Nosh Redefines the Social Dining Experience

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., July 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Nosh (http://www.nosh.me), a free iPhone and Android app that allows users to rate, review, and share photos of menu items with friends and followers across social networks, officially launches for foodies everywhere. Nosh takes dining recommendations to the next level by shifting the review from an entire restaurant to the actual menu items. Nosh users can see what the most popular items on the menu are through reviews and photos, and find "what's good here" and which dishes to avoid.

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With Nosh the entire food review experience is now simple and fun by helping people easily find and follow their friends and food critics alike, for a fuller social dining experience, even when dining alone. People can easily share their experience on Nosh, as well as with friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Once a diner has decided what to have, Nosh makes it easy for them to rate, review and share that experience with all their friends and future diners. No longer restricted to reviewing just a restaurant, diners now "nosh" an item by rating the dish on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, uploading a photo and writing a review on the phone (which can be updated on the Nosh.me website). Nosh has a growing database of more than 150,000 menus and over 10 million menu items.

With the large - and growing - database of menus, Nosh simplifies the process of recommending and discovering new menu items. Nosh's focus is to deliver a sleek and easy way for people to navigate the culinary world, and bring their friends with them.

"Stepping into a restaurant today or 50 years ago is essentially the same experience for a diner. You're shown to a table, handed a menu and have only the waiter to turn to for advice. With Nosh, users can see what other diners have rated as good or bad, what their friends have had, read menu item reviews and even see pictures before making their choice," said Craig Walker, CEO and founder of Firespotter Labs, the makers of Nosh. "Nosh brings the dining experience into the 21st century, and relies on friends and other diners for advice, rather than just the waiter."

Nosh is the first product from Firespotter Labs. Nosh can be found at http://www.nosh.me and is open for users to sign up, find friends to follow and view their friends' "noshes". Nosh also tracks statistics to see how many items they've had and where, and how they compare to the rest of their friends on Nosh.

About Firespotter Labs

Launched in 2011 by Firespotter Labs, a start-up founded by Craig Walker, serial entrepreneur and founder of Grand Central, Firespotter Labs aims to leverage modern technology to solve every day problems in large antiquated industries. The focus of Firespotter Labs is rapid iteration, evolving ideas into products and companies that can exist and succeed independently. Firespotter Labs is funded by Google Ventures. To learn more about Firespotter please visit www.firespotter.com

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