July 20, 2011

Technomedia’s Audio Visual Systems Raise the Stakes at Palace Casino’s CONTACT Sports Bar and Lounge

BILOXI, Miss., July 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The Palace Casino's CONTACT Sports Bar and Lounge offers guests a multi media entertainment experience like no other on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and to raise the bar for customer experience, the casino's owners turned to Orlando based Technomedia Solutions.

The Orlando based A/V integrator's engineering impresarios delivered a live performance system that includes left, center, and right speaker arrays along with under-stage subwoofers, and an Elation lighting rig. Each loudspeaker array consists of four JBL array cabinets suspended above the stage. At the rear of the stage is a wall-mounted connection panel with 12 microphone/line connections that run to a splitter that sends the feeds to the system's Media Matrix Nion N3 digital signal processor and a house mix location. The system is powered by three Lab Gruppen four channel amplifiers.

For the bar area systems, Technomedia designed and delivered a configuration of numerous JBL ceiling loudspeakers arranged throughout the space that provides amazingly solid and even audio coverage. Video comes from a Christie 10,000 lumen high definition projector beaming onto an 11' x 6' screen for featured events plus multiple 50" and 58" Panasonic displays located throughout the venue. The audio feed can be selected from one of six satellite receivers or three cable box receivers. Audio feeds are routed through Media Matrix Nion N3 DSP units and outputs from Lab Gruppen multi-channel amplifiers. Displays receive signals from the cable and satellite receivers via a matrix router capable of handling 32 inputs and 48 outputs so that users can route any signal to any video output device. Custom programmed Crestron touch panels provide controls throughout the CONTACT Lounge.

John Miceli, Technomedia's President and CEO, stated, "Because this is such a high profile venue, we knew we had to deliver an extraordinary system and we're thrilled that visitors to CONTACT are enjoying the great results."

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SOURCE Technomedia Solutions LLC