July 22, 2011

Superman Flies Solo, Lois Lane Rides High With New Love in DC Comics — The New 52

SAN DIEGO, July 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Clark Kent is a bachelor, Lois Lane is dating a hunky new co-worker and the sky's the limit for her career as the new boss of the Daily Planet's television and new media department. The Daily Planet is under new ownership, as the paper has been purchased by a global media conglomerate. Looks like things in Metropolis just got a whole lot more interesting as Superman news continues to turn heads at Comic-Con 2011.

DC Comics will usher in a new era for Superman this September as the company announced major updates to the iconic superhero on the road to DC Comics--The New 52, a project where the entire line of comic books will start at issue number one. As part of the launch, Superman will star in two titles - "Action Comics" and "Superman," and will have an updated look and feel for new and longtime fans of the Man of Steel.

"A lot of the buzz we've seen in the press and online has been Superman-focused," said Jim Lee, Co-Publisher at DC Entertainment. "We're really excited for fans to see this take on Lois Lane in September. This character has always been a successful modern woman and her new role at the Daily Planet opens up dramatic new story possibilities."

On Friday, July 22nd at 3:00 pm PDT, DC Comics will host a Superman news panel in room 6DE, which will provide Comic-Con attendees with a sneak peek at what they can expect to see in September and beyond. To give fans on-site and around the world a chance to follow the news, DC Comics will be live tweeting the news from the @DC_NATION Twitter handle, as well as posting updates to the DC Comics Facebook page. The panel will feature:

  • Grant Morrison, the new "Action Comics" writer ("All Star Superman," "Batman Incorporated") and writer of the newly released Supergods book.
  • J. Michael Straczynski, author of the bestselling "Superman: Earth One" graphic novel ("Superman," "Wonder Woman")

The Friday Comic-Con panel will cap off a busy week fit for the Daily Planet, which included news breaks on Clark Kent and his changed relationship status with Lois Lane, the cover reveal for "Action Comics" issue one, the release of Grant Morrison's acclaimed book, Supergods and the reveal of the new love interest who has Lois Lane's heart, Daily Planet co-worker Jonathan Carroll. These updates are all a prelude to what readers can expect, as the company will be giving The Man of Tomorrow a modern, younger and more brooding appeal.

"We're bringing a fresh perspective, both physically and emotionally to Superman," said Dan DiDio, Co-Publisher at DC Entertainment. "In addition to life as a bachelor, Clark Kent has to adjust to Perry White having a new boss and a new status quo at the Daily Planet."

In "Action Comics," writer Grant Morrison and artist Rags Morales will present humanity's first encounters with Superman. The series will be set five years in the past at the dawn of the age of superheroes:

  • This Superman is very much an alien, an outsider struggling to find his way in his adopted home.
  • In the series, he must come to terms with both the loss of his home world, planet Krypton, and the loss of both of his adopted parents. He is more Kal-El from the Krypton than Clark Kent from Kansas.
  • The first storyline will explore how Superman got his costume - evolving from jeans and work boots to a new a suit of battle armor that pays tribute to his Kryptonian past.
  • Superman's great powers have limits. When the series begins, Superman can leap tall buildings, but his ability to fly is in its infancy.

In "Superman," the updated comic book series by writer George Perez and artist Jesus Merino, Superman and his alter ego Clark Kent will tackle a whole new a series of challenges. "Superman" will be set in the present day:

  • Clark Kent is a bachelor living on his own. He's never been married and is figuring out how to deal with his human and superhuman qualities.
  • Lois Lane is dating a colleague at the Daily Planet, Jonathan Carroll, and she has a new position with the paper as an equal to longtime boss and Editor-in-Chief, Perry White.
  • A new villain is introduced who is even more powerful than Superman.
  • Superman debuts new ceremonial armor from Krypton, which honors his Kryptonian past.

"Action Comics" issue one goes on sale September 7th, and "Superman" issue one goes on sale September 28th. For more information about Superman, The New 52 and the rest of DC Comics, visit www.DCComics.com.

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