July 27, 2011

Flywheel Sports® Announces Jillian Michaels’ Empowered Media as Investor

NEW YORK, July 27, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Flywheel Sports®, the indoor cycling sensation, today announced renowned health and wellness expert Jillian Michaels as an investor in the 18-month old, New York-based fitness company. After an explosive first year with six studio openings, Flywheel's second year will bring Flywheel's unmatched fitness experience to ten more locations. It was officially confirmed today by Flywheel co-founders Jay Galluzzo and Ruth Zukerman that Jillian Michaels and business partner Giancarlo Chersich are investors in Flywheel through their company Empowered Media and will be actively involved in taking Flywheel to new markets.

"After discovering the authenticity and athleticism behind the brand," said Michaels, "I wanted to be part of the most innovative and effective indoor cycling program, and that is Flywheel. I am thrilled to join the Flywheel team."

Chersich added, "Flywheel Sports' stadium cycling and technology have taken indoor cycling to a new level, and we are particularly excited to join the company as it embarks on a major domestic and international expansion program."

"Jillian is a hero and a leader in health and fitness around the world and we are deeply honored to have her join our team," said Jay Galluzzo, co-founder of Flywheel Sports. "Jillian's guidance will be so important as we bring Flywheel to new markets and new customers." Co-Founder and Creative Director Ruth Zukerman added, "Jillian will empower our riders to achieve an even higher state of physical fitness and health."

Flywheel has been celebrated for raising the bar for indoor cycling studios with its unparalleled use of space and technology. The stadium-style, amphitheater-inspired seating allows for unimpeded views of the instructor and outstanding acoustics. Flywheel's proprietary technology package provides each rider with real-time on-the-bike stats, allows for in-studio competition among riders and, most importantly, gives riders web-based access to their entire performance history so they can compete with themselves over time.

Flywheel currently operates three cycling studios in Manhattan (in the Flatiron, Upper West Side and Upper East Side neighborhoods), two in the Hamptons (in Sag Harbor, NY and East Hampton, NY) and one in Boca Raton, Florida. Flywheel's upcoming studio openings include Chicago, Atlanta, Miami Beach and Millburn, New Jersey. The Flatiron, East Hampton, Atlanta, Miami Beach and Millburn locations also feature FlyBarre, the perfect complement to Flywheel's intense cardio workout. FlyBarre is a 60-minute full-body sculpting class with intense interval exercises to help build leaner, stronger, elongated muscles.

Next month, Jillian Michaels and the Flywheel team will open Flywheel Chicago at 710 North State Street, with Jillian joining Ruth Zukerman to lead an inaugural ride.

About Flywheel Sports

Flywheel Sports has literally revolutionized indoor cycling. Since opening its flagship studio in Manhattan's Flatiron district in February 2010, Flywheel has expanded to six more locations nationwide: on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, two Hamptons locations, and one in Boca Raton, Florida. Upcoming openings include studios in Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, and Millburn, New Jersey. Founded by a team passionate about cycling - including legendary instructor Ruth Zukerman, who has been widely credited as the driving force behind the indoor cycling phenomenon - Flywheel is an intense, incredibly inspiring and empowering cardio experience. Led by top-notch instructors, each ride is a unique journey that takes fitness to an unmatched level. For more information visit, www.FlywheelSports.com (Twitter @flywheelsports).

About Empowered Media

Empowered Media, LLC operates the Jillian Michaels wellness brand. The company operates as life architects whose sole mission is to inspire individuals to empower themselves to seek healthier, active lives. The products marketed are part of the total life solution platform created by the Jillian Michaels philosophy. America's premiere health and wellness coach, Michaels is a New York Times best-selling author, television star and entrepreneur. Michaels is also a passionate advocate, fighting to invoke important changes in all aspects of health and wellness. Michaels' newest bestselling book, UNLIMITED: HOW TO BUILD AN EXCEPTIONAL LIFE, is available now wherever books are sold. For more information about Jillian Michaels please visit www.jillianmichaels.com

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