July 28, 2011

CV. Unlimited Satisfaction Announces New Horse Racing Card Game for Both the Playing Card and App Market

JAKARTA, Indonesia, July 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- CV. Unlimited Satisfaction is proud to announce the release of their new horse racing card game, Horse Race Card, as both a playing card game and an app. The app is currently available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod, and will soon be available for Blackberry and Android phones.

The game, created by Ricky Ahluwalia, President Director of CV. Unlimited Satisfaction, is expected to be well received world wide. He encourages potential distributors to consider the benefits of investing in this simple, addictive game. "I assure you an incomparable success with the distribution gains of Horse Race Playcards, share the growth experience hand-in-hand together as winners!"

The Horse Race Card game promotes social interaction and excitement for up to five players, as it seeks to recreate the experience felt when picking the winner of a horse race. Each player is invited to choose their horse, and then the covered area next to each horse is scratched, like a 'scratch and win' card, to discover who has chosen correctly. The result of this quick wait between picking and seeing the results has proven to stimulate an adrenaline rush in the players, and this shared joy permeates throughout the group, promoting multiple rounds of horse racing.

Horse Race Card's Co Founder and head of operations, Harnish Ahluwalia, is excited to see the horse racing game's popularity grow, and hopes that his efforts will lead to a worthwhile investment for distributors. "My dedication to the future of Horse Race Card will benefit all parties involved mutually for an everlasting growth."

CV. Unlimited Satisfaction is looking forward to finding distributors around the world for their horse racing card game. Unlike other products that share a minimum percentage to be forwarded to the distributor and the retailer, CV. Unlimited Satisfaction is looking to create a loyal and healthy business environment globally by sharing profits with distributors and retailers. High volume sales are expected globally, as unlike other games, with Horse Race Card the player will always need more cards, as this game is disposable (one card per play).

For more information on the horse racing card game, please visit: http://www.HorseRaceCard.com

About CV. Unlimited Satisfaction

CV. Unlimited Satisfaction is the creation of Ricky and Harnish Ahluwalia, based upon Ricky's creation Horse Race Card. The concept for the card game was developed with the idea that not only is horse racing exciting, it has never been reduced to such an easily accessed form. Once the concept for the game was realized, the Ahluwalia brothers founded CV. Unlimited Satisfaction.

Ricky Ahluwalia
Telephone: + 62-21 3449341 (office)
Email: [email protected]

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