August 1, 2011

Elsevier Introduces Genome Viewer

AMSTERDAM, August 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

Elsevier Presents Interactive Gene Sequence Information From

NCBI Inside Published Articles

Elsevier, a world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical
information products and services, introduces the Genome Viewer, a new
interactive feature on SciVerse ScienceDirect for applicable life sciences
journals. The Genome Viewer is a SciVerse application that displays detailed
gene or genomic sequence information on the genes mentioned in an article.

The Genome Viewer utilizes a genome browser developed by NCBI
[ ] (the National Center for Biotechnology
Information at the National Institutes of Health). Elsevier collaborated
with the NCBI as it was developing the browser, and is the first publisher
to incorporate the technology into an application for viewing detailed
information about the gene sequences that are mentioned in articles.

When an author of an article tags a gene sequence, Elsevier matches this
gene with information in NCBI's databases and pulls this information into
the article. This allows readers of the article to get specific information
about each strand by hovering over it, and also offers functionality such as
flipping the strands, zooming to a sequence, or going to a specific position
to define a track of interest within the sequence.

The Genome Viewer also allows the user to download the complete list of
genes and/or genomes referred in the article along with their respective
GenBank accession numbers. This functionality was added based on
recommendations of domain experts interviewed.

Andre van Wijnen, editor of Gene and Professor at the University of
Massachusetts Medical Center said, "Genome Viewer allows for quick
examination of sequences and primer design for genes of interest. It permits
easy alternation between long range genomic organization and zooming to the
highest magnification to obtain base pair information. The hotlink with the
NCBI database is particularly useful, as it further expands functionality
and permits creation of multiple sliding windows with different genomic
ranges. The introduction of the Genome Viewer to the online article adds a
new and versatile dimension to our reading experience."

"We are delighted to offer the Genome Viewer in our journals, as part of
our ongoing efforts to enrich the content of articles, put them in context
of other published research and improve the presentation," said IJsbrand Jan
Aalbersberg, Vice President Content Innovation at Elsevier. "It's an
enhancement for the readers as they don't have to search for the gene
information outside of the article, and also for authors as it enriches
their article."

The Genome Viewer is one of the results of the Article of the Future
[ ] project, which is designed to improve
the readers' experience in all areas of presentation, and offering
value-added content and interoperability with external databases. The Genome
Viewer will be available for all other Elsevier applicable life sciences
journals in the future.

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