August 1, 2011

Lincoln Interactive Releases Revised Little Lincoln Kindergarten Curriculum for Fall 2011 School Year

BEAVER, Pa., Aug. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The National Network of Digital Schools, which develops and distributes the nation's premier online curriculum Lincoln Interactive, announced today that it is releasing an updated and revised version of its widely successful Little Lincoln Kindergarten curriculum for the 2011-2012 school year.

The Little Lincoln Kindergarten curriculum was originally launched in the fall of 2008, and quickly became widely popular with students and parents across the country. "As an elementary curriculum company, we were comparatively young at that time, but we had a great start," said Kellie Hamilton, Director of Elementary Curriculum and Instruction. "Little Lincoln's Kindergarten curriculum was, and still is, a great curriculum with a lot of teachable moments, but we knew that there would be a learning curve.

"For this revised version of the curriculum, we took what we have learned over the last three years to create a far more superior offering. We really listened to feedback from parents, teachers, and administrators who used the product to create an even better curriculum for our kindergarten students."

An interactive and engaging standards-based curriculum, Little Lincoln features rich multimedia and online components with comprehensive offline activities to engage and stimulate young learners. The Little Lincoln curriculum uses original content, books, songs, games, videos, and activities to teach math, reading, writing, science, social studies, and visual arts to students in early kindergarten through second grade.

Hamilton said two of the biggest criticisms the company received from clients concerned the recommended reading list and how the curriculum taught the alphabet. Both of those components have been changed to address those concerns.

"The order and frequency in which the letters of the alphabet are taught has been modified," Hamilton said. "The new format will allow for a nice flow of letter recognition, letter sounds and phonics, and letter formation by the student."

The curriculum's Recommended Reading List was a list of well regarded children's books that were suggested for use with certain activities within the curriculum. The books, however, were not provided by Little Lincoln, and many parents said they were not able to find all the books on the list.

For the revision, Little Lincoln is offering 12 books as an optional kit for purchase. The activities have also been modified for use with any books the student has access to, should the family choose not to purchase the kit.

Other changes to the curriculum include:

  • A new original book, Little Lincoln Literature Collections, Kindergarten, will be included. The collection features 40 original short stories, rhymes, and poems that are used throughout the lessons.
  • Ten new videos have been added, one for each of the 10 original books from the Tales of Midlandia that are provided as part of the curriculum.
  • A Health and Wellness component has been added. Hamilton said 36 new physical activity and healthy eating videos have been created to teach students the importance of exercise and healthy food choices. A new online component will let students track their eating habits and activities.
  • Students will have the opportunity to play several new online games for extra practice and reinforcement of the lessons.

Hamilton said in addition to curriculum modifications, her team also focused on making instruction easier for the parent or "student guide."

"Involvement by a parent or guardian is critical to the success of our students, so we also made changes to how our guide books and reinforcement activities were set-up," she said. "Even something that may seem like a little thing, such as the guidebook being too big, was taken into account. Nothing was too small of a detail to be considered."

The revised Little Lincoln Kindergarten course is available to schools and individual families beginning August 1. For more information on the curriculum, visit

"We feel really strongly about the revised curriculum. It was a great product to begin with and is even stronger, even better the second time around," said Hamilton. "Little Lincoln continues to be a dynamic curriculum that engages the minds and imaginations of young students and starts them off on a solid path to becoming lifelong learners and prepares them for the 21st century classroom."

About the National Network of Digital Schools and Lincoln Interactive: Founded in 2005, The National Network of Digital Schools (NNDS) is a 501(c)3 non-profit management foundation, dedicated to providing the highest quality K-12 online curriculum and comprehensive management services to traditional brick and mortar schools, charter schools, and cyber schools focused on expanding educational opportunities for students. NNDS is the developer and exclusive provider of Lincoln Interactive, the nation's premier online curriculum, taught in schools in 16 states.

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