August 1, 2011

The Otter – New Detroit Area Outerwear Manufacturer Debuts Eco Fashions at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market August 4-7

BIRMINGHAM, Mich., Aug. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The Otter Company, a newly launched metro-Detroit-based outerwear manufacturer featuring ecologically sound, weatherproof, windproof outerwear will debut its full line at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, in Salt Lake City, Utah, August 4-7.

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"We are innovating sportswear design and construction for function, protection and earth-friendliness," said Martin Stebbins, founder and President of The Otter Company. "Our products are designed for athletes, whether they're full- or part-time participants."

Every Otter garment features Action Aimed Design(TM), to remove constraints and allow free athletic movement. This design reduces bulk and weight, and is engineered around the body's natural movement to promote competitive action in any climate or weather.

Weather-resistance - protection from rain, wind and temperature - is the promise of every Otter garment. From water-repellent soft shells, to waterproof hard shells, Otter manages the weather for the wearer. Accommodating the body's need to vent and stay dry; Otter sportswear is constructed of breathable, moisture-wicking materials.

Eco-fashion - protecting the wearer, protecting the earth

Otter function and protection also has an ecological conscience. Otter garments feature a selection of fabrics featuring natural fibers and ecologically-sensitive manmade materials; Otter wools, cottons and synthetics offer protection to the wearer and to the environment without sacrificing style, function, or protection.

Otter also makes extensive use of recycled materials and high-tech fabrics that are certifiably environmentally friendly, including compliance with the textile industry's bluesign® standards for sustainable fabrics. Find the full line of Otter outerwear, or find a local retailer, by visiting

About The Otter Company

The Otter Company, headquartered in Birmingham, Mich., designs, manufactures and markets comfortable, technical and ecologically sound outerwear for sports people. We maximize playtime and extend sessions and seasons with garments that allow play earlier in the spring, later in the fall and in any inclement weather.

Inspired by the otter, whose fur is the thickest in the animal kingdom and is constructed in two layers to trap air to generate warmth, and keep its skin dry - the otter is comfortable at play in any climate. Otter garments emulate this brilliant natural design, and the spirit of the otter - its playfulness, its freedom, its willingness to continue to enjoy itself when the weather is less than ideal. We say, "Go out. Stay out. Keep playing. Stay comfortable." It's the otter's way, and The Otter Company's pledge.

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