August 3, 2011

The New Book, ‘Benedict Arnold – Master of the American Rebellion,’ Is a Priceless Treasure, and the Most Important Book You Will Ever Read

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Author Ellis Warren Drewery considers Benedict Arnold "The Greatest and Most Important Person in the History of the World" (

He reveals that Benedict Arnold did not betray England's America; the first Congress betrayed England, accounting for world disturbance since the American rebellion.

"The history we learned in school was written by the first Congress and in its favor, and the world is still suffering the American rebellion," said Drewery.

The author's ancestor, Dr. Joseph Warren, created Congress, and he and Benedict Arnold had the only rebel army and navy in 1775.

Congress had no army or weapons, and was unaware of Joseph Warren and Benedict Arnold.

Congress gathered at Philadelphia for a second meeting because England protected Native Americans (Indians) and French Catholics with the border of the Appalachian Mountains and west to the Mississippi River (no Canadian border).

England also freed slaves who left their rebel owners to support England, and the Southern congressmen were slave owners.

Never forget that England created, educated, governed, and protected its American colonies, as parent to children, and the regular army was England's army.

Joseph Warren sent Paul Revere on his ride and he did not yell "the British are coming," he yelled "the Regulars are out."

Joseph Warren and Benedict Arnold were securing England's forts, including Canada as a precautionary measure, intending to deliver the forts' weapons to Joseph Warren's army on Bunker Hill, then reconcile with England.

Congress stopped Benedict Arnold, caused Joseph Warren's death at Bunker Hill, then took control of their armies and named them the Continental Army.

Benedict Arnold could not be replaced and continually used his personal fortune to support his army's success and provide support for Joseph Warren's children.

Congress, under arrest for treason, overthrew England's American governors and seized weapons, and then France shipped more weapons, pirated England's ships, increased slave trade, and built West Point.

Benedict Arnold never liked Congress or the French government, and he knew it was best and right to enable England to reclaim and restore peace to her colonies and eventually the world.

"Benedict Arnold shaped our world and life!" exclaimed Drewery.

Author Bio:

Ellis Warren Drewery was born in Blacksburg, Virginia, home of Virginia Tech. He attended high school at Christiansburg Institute, became a barber in Blacksburg to support and build a home for his mother and his four younger brothers, and moved to Los Angeles, California in 1970.

In Blacksburg, after his mother's death in 1993, he received some unknown family history connection to the American Rebellion and he has been researching the Rebellion for nearly 20 years.

Benedict Arnold - Master of the American Rebellion is his first book and he will be writing more.

About the Book:

Benedict Arnold - Master of the American Rebellion
by Ellis Warren Drewery
Printed by Robertson Publishing
Release: March 31, 2011
ISBN 978-1611700244
Price: $99.99


Ellis Warren Drewery
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