August 3, 2011

Syrian Organizations in the United States form a Syrian Coordination Committee (SCC)

Syrian-American organizations establish a national coordinating committee to better support revolution in Syria

DALLAS, Aug. 3, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Due to the ongoing massacres of the Assad Regime in Syria, ten Syrian-American organizations have established a national coordinating committee (Syrian Coordination Committee, SCC) to provide a united voice in support of the ongoing revolution in Syria.

While serving as a foundation for future collaborations, the shared mission of the SCC is to:
- Fully support the people in Syria by toppling the Assad regime.
- Support the development of a new Syria grounded in democracy, equal representation, civil liberties, freedom, human rights, human dignity, and pursuit of happiness for all Syrians.

The SCC will operate independently of the member organizations and will not interfere with each organization's operations or procedures. It is open to all Syrian-American organizations that share the same goals.

The immediate goals of the SCC are to coordinate resources to mobilize the community, help in organizing humanitarian relief for those impacted by the Assad regime's polices and raise awareness to ensure that the interests of the Syrian people are clearly articulated across the U.S. The goal of the SCC is to become the bridge between the U.S. officials and the Syrian people.

SOURCE Syrian Coordination Committee