August 4, 2011

Powwownow’s Business App Guide: Lessons in Running a Business From Your Smartphone

MANCHESTER, England, August 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

- Leading UK conference call provider, Powwownow, knows how difficult it
can be to run your own business. Luckily, advances in Smartphone technology
are making matters easier than ever before. To help you understand more,
Powwownow have provided their own guide to the most useful business Apps on
the market -

The days of having to stay tied to a desk are long-gone. Now, with the
aid of a Smartphone, aspiring entrepreneurs and fledgling CEOs can be more
productive and business savvy than ever before. From pitching your new ideas
to ultimately selling your products, you needn't be alone at any step along
the way. There are organisational apps, conference call iPhone apps
[ ], accountancy devices,
and even point-of-sale tools. Below we discuss five of our favourites:


Got a business idea but little or no capital? Prosper is a new type of
peer lending service which brings individual lenders and small business
borrowers together. Each loanee creates a profile, describes what the loan
will be used for, and what interest rate they are able to pay. Lenders
indicate how much they are offering, at what rates, and who they want to
offer funds to. So your loan may come from multiple sources, or a single
person. Alternatively, if you already have a group of investors you already
know, such as friends and family, Prosper manages the transaction's
lifecycle for you. Regardless of whom you borrow from, Prosper takes a small
percentage for managing each loan. For the entrepreneur looking for
alternative financing, peer lending can be a great solution. The only
downside, however, is that everyone knows your business, literally and


Another "personal database," Evernote lets you organise your life and
your business. A variety of templates let you manage and track a lot of
business-related items, such as inventory, invoices, items sold, and
expenses. You can enter information into the Evernote database any which
way--by snapping a photo, taking a screenshot, or inputting text. Evernote
will then process and index the information, and make it searchable.
Evernote also automatically syncs its mobile, desktop, and web apps.


Selling products is crucial to many small businesses but that doesn't
mean you have to set up an elaborate e-commerce website or go out and buy a
new cash register. Instead, let your smartphone do the heavy lifting. This
Simple, elegant app for your Android, iPhone
[ ], iPad, or iPod touch comes with a
pocket-sized credit card reader that plugs into your phone's audio jack,
allowing you then to take card payments instantly; an absolutely genius app
and possibly one of the most innovative on the market. Both the app and the
credit card reader are completely free, but Square does take 2.75 percent of
every sale you make.


We are very proud indeed of our own app; the foremost audio conferencing
tool on the market. An extension of our free service, the Powwownow app
allows you to dial in to a conference call
[ ] from anywhere in the world
whilst only paying a local rate thanks to our unique geo-locating
technology. The app also acts as a scheduler to ensure as you're company
grows you never miss that important meeting, wherever you are in the world.


In MightyMeeting you can save your PowerPoint presentations to the cloud
and then access them from anywhere, using your smartphone (or laptop). You
can store and play presentations and videos, and even connect your phone to
a bigger screen for a better presentation. The MightyMeeting basic app is
free, but the Pro version which affords you more cloud space (5GB instead of
100MB) and longer presentations (120 slides instead of 60 slides) starts at
US$5 a month.

It goes without saying that it's very difficult to run a business solely
from your phone, but these apps will certainly make life a whole lot easier.
In the past five years alone apps have revolutionised the way people work,
and Powwownow for one, are extremely excited about what's to come.

About Powwownow:

Powwownow ( was founded in the UK in
2004, offering customers low-cost conference calling facilities with the
ethos of no booking, no billing, no fuss. The customer does not need to book
a conference room and never receives a bill from Powwownow. They only pay
the cost of their own call, which is added to their standard telecoms bill.
The company now operates in 15 countries worldwide including the US and
major European markets and recently acquired web conferencing and business
collaboration providers, Yuuguu. Turnover for 2011 is predicted to reach

Find out more about Powwownow by visiting the Powwownow Facebook page
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Powwownow employs 49 people and is based in Richmond and Manchester.

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