August 4, 2011

ReportsnReports – Needle-Free Drug Delivery Market & Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAI) Diagnostics Market Reports

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ReportsnReports announces it will carry reports on Needle-Free Drug
Delivery Market & Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAI) Diagnostics Market in
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A.Needle-Free Drug Delivery: The Market for Alternatives to Needle-Based
Systems for Vaccine and Biologics
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The coming decade will see drug
delivery technologies become a focal point of competition within the
pharmaceutical industry. The line between drug delivery and drug substance
will continue to become more elusive in the near future as shown in the
analysis in this report, as researchers work to improve drug properties
through drug design and molecular modeling.

This Needle-Free Drug Delivery market report takes a look at this aspect
of the pharmaceutical marketplace with figures and forecasts for
pharmaceutical companies and the companies that supply technology to them.
The success of specific drugs will be tied to innovative delivery
techniques, which will enable the targeting that will exploit the clinical
properties of a new generation of drugs.

This report looks at that trend and reports current and forecasted
revenues for the injectable drug delivery market, segmented into two main

        - Needle-Free Products Market (Including Drug and Technology)
        - Needle-Free Products Market (Technology Only)

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B.Hospital-Acquired Infections: Diagnostic Markets and Testing
Developments, Treatments, Key Competitors and Trends
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This report predicts the combined world market for testing and treatment
products for Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAI) will reach $10.3 billion in
2015, up from $9 billion in 2010, with higher growth experienced in the
testing segment. This type of infection is also known as a nosocomial
infection (or more generically healthcare-associated infections).

The following market data is provided in this report:

        - Market for HAI Diagnostics
        - Forecast for HAI Diagnostics to 2015
        - HAI Tests on the Market
        - Market for Diagnostics by Infection Type (C. Diff., MRSA,
          Pneumonia, Other)
        - Molecular HAI Market vs. Conventional HAI Market, Present and in
        - Geographic Breakdown of Testing (U.S., Europe, Asia, ROW)
        - New Hospital Infection Product Testing Products in the Market
        - Company Profiles
        - Treatment Products on the Market, HAI Antibiotic market Size and

Both diagnostics and treatment segments have unique circumstances for
growth which are discussed in detail in the report. The market has shown an
increase of 3% annually with sales increasing from $7.9 billion in 2005.
Although the treatment segment will continue to struggle to maintain growth,
the testing segment will offset declines beginning in 2012.

The report finds nosocomial infections are an inherent part of any
healthcare system and have a 5% infection rate of the 40 million hospital
visits a year, causing 100,000 deaths in the U.S. annually. In an effort to
decrease the rate of fatality, hospitals are shifting focus towards rapid
discovery and treatment of nosocomial infections, driving sales of testing
products. This report primarily focuses on bacterial nosocomial infections
with some mention of viral infections. The major consideration is given to
bacterial nosocomial infections because:

a. they are the most frequent type of infections spread in the hospital

b. the practical aspects of diagnosis and therapy are more meaningful
based both on medical considerations and on market considerations.

Explore the complete report on hospital-acquired infections (HAI) market
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