August 4, 2011

Cutting-Edge Trends and the Next Big Developments in the Food Industry Are Revealed in Antennae, From NewEdge and NineSigma

CLEVELAND, Aug. 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- From edible packaging to high-functioning nutraceuticals, the newest breaking trends for the Food Industry are revealed and explored in Antennae, a publication from New Edge and NineSigma. These trends were ignited by the highly-collaborative process of Open Innovation.

NineSigma, the global leader in innovation services, partners with innovation strategy and design firm, NewEdge, to publish Antennae. The monthly report provides in-depth analysis of early trends on the cusp of transformational growth in global industries.

The global food market is a case-in-point, constantly evolving with imaginative product developments and new brands hitting retailers' shelves. These innovations result in a greater variety of foods reaching consumers' shopping baskets while the cost of food globally continues to rise.

Among the key trends highlighted in the August issue of Antennae are functional foods, edible coatings and packaging. The concept of functional foods continues to evolve as consumers increasingly demand ingredients that provide health benefits beyond basic nutrition. Yet the challenge for manufacturers is how to incorporate these ingredients into food matrices. This issue of Antennae explores the development of micro and nano encapsulation technologies which will likely drive radical change in the functional ingredients landscape.

Edible coatings and packaging are another trend showcased in the latest Antennae. These can extend a product's shelf life, maintain the nutritional and sensory properties, and serve as a sustainable packaging option. The report looks at where the technology stands and its application in the product development process both upstream and downstream.

To access the latest Antennae, view archives, and share the latest innovation news, join Antennae online here: Antennae uncovers seed trends in consumer behavior, technology, business and design. The Antennae team is made up of specialists on market insight, innovation strategy, design, branding, technology and open innovation from NewEdge and NineSigma - leaders in innovation.

How Are You Navigating the Seed Trends that Will Define Your Market?

Antennae provides a consulting service to map the specific trends impacting a company's business, examining both the incremental changes as well as the seismic shifts. The combination of consumer and market insights and analysis of emerging technology trends provides a clear understanding of how one's market is changing, where it is headed and the opportunities that will arise as a result. For more information on developing a custom trends report, please visit

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