August 8, 2011

Pub Crawls Helping Businesses Beat the Economic Blues, Says Fancy Dress Experts

HALIFAX, England, August 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

Some of Britain's best-known pub crawls are providing a "much-needed
shot in the arm" for several local and national businesses, a leading online
fancy dress company has revealed.

While adverse media coverage surrounding so-called 'booze Britain'
dominates the headlines on an almost daily basis, Paul Howcroft of costume
supplier Fancy Dress Ball, which has an extensive range of fancy dress such
as Halloween costumes [ ]and superhero
costumes [ ],insists
that the financial positives of pub crawls are providing a welcome boost is
these tough economic times.

Howcroft is quick to criticise any drink-fuelled acts of anti-social
behaviour that occur as a result of revellers getting carried away, but he
also highlighted just how important pub crawls like the 'Otley Run' in Leeds
are in keeping companies afloat in the pub and fancy dress industry.

"First and foremost, we at Fancy Dress Ball encourage members of the
general public to drink and act responsibly at all times," said Howcroft.

"We have all, no doubt, been shocked and saddened by some of the
negative stories that have emerged over the years when people have lost
control and done something they later regretted while under the influence of

"However, these are isolated incidents that are often sensationalised
and the vast majority of people that partake in pub crawls, whether to mark
a birthday or celebrate a special occasion, do so with the sole aim of
having a bit of fun and enjoying themselves.

"These people make a considerable financial commitment when they go on
the pub crawls, some of which I have to say are an incredible experience.
From buying all manner of wacky, weird and wonderful fancy dress costumes
such as morphsuits
[ ] and pirate
costumes, to spending money on round after round in the bars, clubs and pubs
that line a particular route, revellers are giving a much-needed shot in the
arm to landlords and business owners that have been hit hard and hit hard in
the pocket in recent years following the recession."

Howcroft added: "There are some brilliant pub crawls dotted all around
Britain that are all different and have their own unique charm and

"The Otley Run, for example, is a particular favourite with the city of
Leeds' student population and also attracts people from all over the north
of England and that signals good news for the Leeds tourist industry as a

"Staying in the north of England, the Transpennine Real Ale trail is
growing in popularity at an impressive rate and means that pubs on or near
some of the remotest train stations between Leeds and Manchester are doing a
roaring trade every weekend.

"Other notable pub crawls include the Monopoly pub crawl in London, the
Mumbles Mile in Swansea and Edinburgh's Rose Street Challenge, all of which
boost business significantly for a host of different companies."