August 10, 2011

Kudos to Matt Lauer and the TODAY Show: Lexington Hearing & Speech Center Lauds Lauer for Story on Adult Hearing Loss

JACKSON HEIGHTS, N.Y., Aug. 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Matt Lauer's story about adult hearing loss on the "TODAY Show" this morning highlighted a critical health concern that is under-recognized and under-reported, according to the Lexington Hearing & Speech Center. "In submitting to a hearing test on the air, Mr. Lauer performed a genuine public service that helps bring attention to the growing health crisis of hearing loss in adults under 65," said Adele I. Agin, LCSW, Executive Director, Hearing & Speech.

"The truth is that younger Americans are losing their hearing at an alarming rate, and recently I found out that that includes me as well," Mr. Lauer said. Mr. Lauer, 53, reported that although hearing loss is commonly thought to predominantly affect the aged, currently more adults under 65 suffer hearing loss than those over 65. He was advised by the audiologist conducting his hearing test that his impairment was attributable to the earphone he routinely wears in his right ear as part of his job.

"Regular earphone and headphone use is the single most common factor leading to hearing loss in adults under 65. Teenagers and young adults who 'plug in' to listen to music for hours at a time are especially vulnerable, and parents should make sure their children are getting hearing tests as part of their annual health check ups. Testing is covered by most insurance plans, is painless and take only a few minutes," said Lexington's Audiology Director, John Ioannou, MS, CCC-A. "Hearing loss is irreversible. Identifying any problem early on will enable appropriate steps to prevent further deterioration and reduce the impact of hearing loss on quality of life."

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SOURCE Lexington Hearing & Speech Center