August 11, 2011

Hazy, Hot and…Halloween?: Haunted Attractions Raise the Bar with Summer Preparations to Impress Tech-Savvy Teens

PRINCETON JUNCTION, N.J., Aug. 11, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- While sparkler sticks are still cooling and ice cream cones are still melting, haunted attraction owners, operators, actors, makeup artists and special effects gurus have been working through the summer months to make this year's Halloween season well worth Americans' precious time and money.

According to the Haunted Attraction Association (HAA), most member haunts gear up for the peak Halloween season well before the typical haunt enthusiast has even thought about their costume. This year, HAA member haunts reported they are adding more special effects and technical aspects than ever before to fulfill the expectations of tech-savvy teenagers and young adults. A recent member survey revealed that 50% of haunts have increased their budget devoted toward special effects. HAA expects the 2011 turnout to boost the industry, which is approximately $6 billion in size and includes an estimated 2,500 haunted attractions worldwide.

"Despite an obvious attachment to social media and other mobile communication, teens continue to hang out in groups and flock to haunted attractions. Our members know we need to stay on the cutting edge to be able to create alternate realities and elicit those blood-curdling screams from haunt-goers year after year," said Amber Arnett-Bequeaith, HAA Spokesperson.

Haunt enthusiasts don't have to wait until October to visit their local haunted attractions--some HAA members open their doors in early September. The following are approximate opening dates for each region of the U.S.:

For a list of HAA member attractions in your area, visit our website. To learn more about the industry or become a member of HAA, call (609) 799-4900.

About the Haunted Attraction Association (HAA)
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SOURCE Haunted Attraction Association