August 15, 2011

The Titan Agency Marks 10-Year Anniversary With Name Change…Not Really

ATLANTA, Aug. 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Throw a big party? Have everyone in the office run a 10k? Give everyone 10 days off? Or do the standard 10-year retrospective video? Atlanta-based The Titan Agency decided to do something different and spoof itself in a self-produced short film about a fictitious name change that commemorates its 10-year anniversary.

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"We just couldn't bring ourselves to do a retrospective on ourselves and everything that's happened in the 10 years we've been in business. It's just not us," said Tony DeMartino, CEO of Titan. "So, we decided to poke fun at ourselves and everybody else that tries too hard to make something big out of a 10-year anniversary. We clumsily try to merge 'Titan' and 'ten' to make everyday a tenth anniversary."

The 10-year anniversary short film was conceived by agency Chief Creative Officer, Mark Sorensen.

"Ten is such a great age," said Sorensen. "You are old enough to have learned a few things from experience, and still young enough to want to experiment with new things. Plus, I just like the word ten. It's short and snappy. We decided it would be fun and challenging to turn the camera on us for a change. I wanted to capture our thoughts on the past decade and how we're positioning ourselves for the future."

The short film depicts the struggles Titan's employees have with the name change but in the end greater powers prevail- Probably for the best. Titan's short film can be viewed on The Titan Agency's Vimeo channel at or on the agency's website

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