August 16, 2011

Kite Surfing at the Polar Circle

BERLIN and WALES, Alaska, August 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

Constantin Bisanz, founder of the online community brands4friends, and
his companions, the brothers Geza and Andre Scholtz, made history with a
very special record. They were the first to cover the distance to the
international dateline in the Arctic Ocean between Alaska and Russia by kite
board. On the more than 70 km distance, the athletes reached a record speed
of 40 km/h average - only driven by wind and body strength. A four-week
adventure, taking two years of preparation, three attempts and the support
of an eleven-member team, finally found a successful conclusion.

The exertions and deprivations were worth it for entrepreneur Bisanz:
after the second try, when the kiters in a sudden storm had to cope with a
broken kite and a spectacular rescue operation in the open sea, they could
report a great success.

There was not much time left as the Bering Strait is only ice-free for a
few weeks of the year. The ice cold water is only 2 degree Celsius even in
summer. Fog, complicated currents, gusty winds of up to 80 km/h and
five-metre high waves make kiting near the polar circle an extreme
challenge. The constantly changing weather, which can turn into a storm from
one moment to the next, as the adventurers had to experience, is
life-threatening in these latitudes.

Happy about the positive outcome, the 38-year old Austrian Bisanz
reports: "It was real fun to break barriers and overcome obstacles with such
a great team - this goes for the Bering Sea as well as for the founding of

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