August 16, 2011

Halloween Costumes: Five Sexiest Halloween Costumes, as Voted by Men

CHICAGO, Aug. 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the sexiest Halloween costume of all? Chicago lingerie company asked over 1,000 men to choose the sexiest costumes for Halloween 2011.

"Why are sexy Halloween costumes popular? It gives women the license to free their imaginations and role play in situations where they would normally feel uncomfortable and insecure," says lingerie expert Jada Michaels, owner of, one of the leading lingerie sites on the Internet. "When women are paranoid about their insecurities, it takes the fun away. Halloween costumes give women the extra confidence to flirt and be sexy through role playing. It's the confidence and fun the girl has with the fantasy that makes it a sexy Halloween costume."

Even though everyone is getting ready to go back to school, is doing a brisk business in selling Halloween costumes as Halloween continues to become one of the most popular holidays. The site has more than 150 Halloween costumes on dozens of themes from policewomen to French maids and everything in between, for every taste and style.

"It is interesting to see the difference between how men and women rate the sexiness of a Halloween costume," said Michaels. "Men determine how sexy a Halloween costume is if it gives the perception that the girl wearing it is going to be fun, uninhibited and 'is sure to have a good time.' Women rate the sexiness of a Halloween costume by how they think it will look on them individually. Women will generally choose a costume based on how it accents and flatters their figure over the particular theme. I hope this survey helps women realize that it's truly your attitude, confidence and fun you exude from wearing a costume that makes it sexy."

Men saluted the Home Again costume as it took 1st place as the sexiest 2011 Halloween costume. Home Again is a sexy pin-up girl look with a camouflage bodysuit and removable skirt. This costume was originally named Cadet Cutie. After speaking with voters who have dedicated their lives for our freedom, Jada Michaels renamed it Home Again. "Men stated that after being deployed overseas and returning to see their wife or girlfriend wearing this costume would make them feel like they were home again. It sends the message that this is where you belong," she said.

The Avenger costume captured 2nd place. "Every mega-babe dares to be brave in this long-sleeve sexy romper, cape and seductive vinyl mask," said Jada Michaels. She asked men why they think the Avenger is sexy. They responded, "She looks like a woman in charge. Sometimes women are timid about taking control in certain situations. This outfit communicates that the girl is in control."

Our 3rd place winner is sure to cause trouble. She's your partner in crime wearing the Ms Gangsta costume. "What man doesn't want a mischievous woman?" stated a voter. "This pinstripe dress with sexy side slit and sultry hat looks fierce and is a seductive lethal combination. Men love the Ms Gangsta fantasy. Her word is the law, she takes without asking and is sure to bring out the bad boy in him," said Michaels.

Men are walking the plank for the 4th place winner, the Buccaneer. This sexy off-the-shoulder lace-up bodysuit and removable skirt will make him surrender. What makes this Buccaneer so sexy? "She has one thing on her mind and will take what she wants without surrender," commented a male voter. "Men love the sexy look of this daring buccaneer. Ay Ay Mate never sounded so sexy! Take him on a deep sea adventure that he will never forget!" Michaels said.

The #5 men voted sexiest costume is a fearless feline that will have him purring. Wild Thing costume is a sexy leopard print bodysuit with opera length animal print gloves, ears and tail. Drape on the matching skirt that's purr-fect for ladies on the prowl.

Why did men vote Wild Thing as #5? "You just know you are in for a wild night if she is wearing this!" answered a male voter. "There is something sexy about a woman being wild, aggressive and untamed because you know they are going to be fun."

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