August 17, 2011

Top 13 Haunted Houses for 2011

ATLANTA, Aug. 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Whether you're getting geared up for Halloween or just love the thrill of haunted houses, thanks to a new website, now there's a way for you to know without a shadow of a doubt, the most terror-rich haunted houses to explore in America.

The website called Haunted House, lists the top haunted houses in America based on votes from the public. The website comes as a much-needed source of information, as the popularity of haunted houses continue to spike.

This site lists all haunted houses in the United States and allows you to vote for America's best. As for the best haunted houses to visit, "The results for America's top 13 haunted houses have been posted," said Renae Blanco, spokeswoman for Haunted House

Top 13 Haunted Houses -- Voted Scariest Haunted Houses in the U.S.

Headless Horseman, Ulster Park, New York,

Cutting Edge Haunted House, Ft. Worth, TX,

Scarehouse, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,

The Beast & Edge of Hell, Kansas City, Missouri,

Night Of Terror, Mullica Hill, New Jersey,

Bates Motel, Glen Mills, Pennsylvania,

The Darkness & Creepy World, St. Louis, Missouri,

Erebus Haunted House, Pontiac, Michigan,

Netherworld, Atlanta area, Georgia,

13th Gate, Baton Rouge, Louisiana,

Spookywoods, High Point, North Carolina,

Wisconsin Feargrounds, Waukesha, Wisconsin,

Seven Floors of Hell, Berea (Near Cleveland), Ohio,

Although the top 13 haunted houses have been posted, the site is soliciting your votes to determine the top haunted houses in your area.

"We do not rate haunted houses and we do not visit or review haunted houses, you do," Blanco stressed. "When you visit a haunted house, come back to our site and give it a rating."

For Daniel Simmons, 27, of Houston, an avid haunted house visitor, said being able to rate haunted houses across the state is like music to his ears. "I've been visiting haunted houses for over a decade, but for people like me, there really hasn't been a place where I could go to see which haunted houses is suppose to be worth the visit, so I will definitely contribute to this and it will help people like me know which houses to visit, whether I'm in Texas, California, or anywhere in the United States."

Blanco added that the website's only focus is for people across America to have a listing of the top haunted houses to visit, based on "victim's choices," Blanco said. "We do not sell anything, we just provide a place for victims to vote for America's Best Haunted Houses."

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