August 19, 2005

Alan Jackson makes news with ‘USA Today’

By Fred Bronson

LOS ANGELES (Billboard) - Country star Alan Jackson turns
to a newspaper for inspiration for his latest hit single. "USA
Today" was the highest new entry on Billboard's Hot Country
Songs chart, debuting at No. 49 in the week ended August 14.

This isn't the first time the press has served as source
material for a hit single -- and Jackson is indeed singing
about the national newspaper in the self-penned song, as
evidenced by these lyrics: "...they're thinking about putting
me on the cover of the USA Today, story of heartbreaking pain,
picture of the loneliest man they claim, in the U.S.A. today."

The prime example is Dr. Hook's pop hit from 1972, "The
Cover of 'Rolling Stone."' That song led to the band actually
being featured on the cover of Rolling Stone, so watch out for
a page one photo of Alan Jackson in USA Today.

There have been other hits that use the titles of
publications only by coincidence, including "Time" by the Pozo
Seco Singers, "Life" by Elvis Presley and "Vogue" by Madonna.