August 22, 2005

Disney seeks singing “Tarzan” for Broadway

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Disney said on Monday it was looking
for a sexy man of mystery with a rock singer's voice and a
swimmer's physique to play the lead role in a new Broadway
musical called "Tarzan."

"He is NOT a muscle man, as in the traditional Tarzan
type," Disney said in a statement announcing August 29
auditions open to both actors and people with no theatrical

The producers of the musical scheduled to open in early
2006 said the jungle man must be "charming, sexy, vulnerable,
animal-like, mysterious and ... toned, like a swimmer."

Phil Collins has written the music and lyrics for the
musical, adapted from the 1999 Disney animated movie "Tarzan."

"For the role of Tarzan, the production is seeking a
thrilling pop/rock singer to play in his 20s," the statement
said, adding there would be plenty of swinging through the

"He should have strong upper body strength and be physical,
agile, fearless and very comfortable with movement and tackling
aerial work," it said.