August 31, 2005

Alicia Keys unplugs early on MTV Overdrive

By Chris Marlowe

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - "MTV Unplugged" will
return after a three-year break on September 23 with a
performance by Alicia Keys, but fans can watch the entire
episode beginning a week earlier on the MTV Overdrive broadband
video channel.

Keys' performance was filmed July 14 at the Brooklyn
Academy of Music and features new songs. Keys also collaborated
with other artists including Common, Mos Def, Damian Marley and
Maroon5's Adam Levine.

Viewers watching on MTV Overdrive also can see exclusive
footage including an interview with Keys. The sneak preview
theme will continue with, which will enable
visitors to hear the entire "Alicia Keys Unplugged" album a
week before it becomes available in stores October 11 as part
of its initiative called "The Leak."

MTV Overdrive has been gaining popularity since its April
25 launch. For example, 4 million streams were delivered in the
U.S. during the MTV Music Video Awards on Sunday.

In addition to special programming, MTV Overdrive offers
regular on-demand channels of news, performances, interviews
and other videos. Viewers also can assemble their own playlists
from any program or video offered on MTV Overdrive, allowing
them to customize their experience, but retaining the

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter