September 26, 2005

Three rare tracks on new Nirvana compilation

By Jonathan Cohen

NEW YORK (Billboard) - Three previously unreleased tracks
will see the light of day on the Nirvana compilation, "Sliver:
The Best of the Box," which will arrive November 1.

In addition to "Spank Thru" from the famed 1985 "Fecal
Matter" demo tape, the 1990 studio outtake "Sappy" and a
pre-"Nevermind" rehearsal recording of "Come as You Are," the
Geffen Records release boasts 19 tracks drawn from the 2004
boxed set "With the Lights Out."

Here is the track list for "Sliver: The Best of the Box":

"Spank Thru" (previously unreleased, 1985 "Fecal Matter"

"Heartbreaker" (live, 1987)

"Mrs. Butterworth" (undated rehearsal demo)

"Floyd the Barber" (live, 1988)

"Clean Up Before She Comes" (undated home demo)

"About a Girl" (undated home demo)

"Blandest" (studio recording, 1998)

"Ain't It a Shame" (studio recording, 1989)

"Sappy" (previously unreleased)

"Opinion" (solo acoustic, 1990)

"Lithium" (solo acoustic, 1990)

"Sliver" (undated home demo)

"Smells Like Teen Spirit" (rehearsal recording, 1991)

"Come As You Are" (previously unreleased rehearsal
recording, 1991)

"Old Age" ("Nevermind" outtake, 1991)

"Oh the Guilt" (split single w/ Jesus Lizard, 1992)

"Rape Me" (acoustic home demo, 1992)

"Rape Me" (studio recording, 1992)

"Heart Shaped Box" (studio recording, 1993)

"Do Re Mi" (home demo, 1994)

"You Know You're Right" (home demo, 1994)

"All Apologies" (home demo, 1994)