September 28, 2005

Sky to show controversial Kate Moss footage

LONDON (Reuters) - A documentary is set to show footage of
British supermodel Kate Moss which Sky One says shows her
snorting cocaine, as the furor over her alleged drug taking
which cost her lucrative advertising deals refuses to go away.

Moss has been embroiled in scandal since The Mirror tabloid
newspaper printed grainy pictures two weeks ago that apparently
showed the 31-year-old taking drugs.

British retailer Burberry and Swedish-based fashion house
Hennes & Mauritz responded by cutting their contracts with the
model and France's Chanel said it would not renew her contract
when it expires next month.

Moss released a statement apologizing to friends, family
and business associates for her behavior.

Sky One said its documentary "Kate Moss: Fashion Victim?"
would provide a balanced debate over the role of the media and
the fashion industry and ask whether Moss could continue her

"The documentary aims to paint an honest picture of the
landscape that formed the backdrop to the saga and in a
worldwide exclusive, features video footage of the
widely-reported incident involving Moss and her self-confessed
heroin addict boyfriend, Pete Doherty," Sky said.

Moss, who has a two-year-old daughter, was discovered by a
modeling agency as a 14-year-old schoolgirl and her waifish
good looks have graced the covers of countless magazines.

Although her statement made no specific reference to the
Mirror report, she said she took full responsibility for her

"I also accept that there are various personal issues that
I need to address and have started taking the difficult, yet
necessary, steps to resolve them," she said.

Her agent Sarah Doukas said Moss was "gutted, absolutely
devastated," when she heard about the Mirror report.

"I read it over the phone to her and the avalanche started
almost immediately," Doukas told the Times, in an interview
granted at Moss' behest.

Doukas said her client had left Britain for the time being,
and that despite recent career setbacks, she was about to sign
a new deal with an unnamed perfume company.

The Sky One documentary will be shown on October 3.