September 30, 2005

Peter Jennings leaves estate of over $50 million

NEW YORK (Reuters) - ABC News anchor Peter Jennings, who
died of lung cancer in August, left an estate valued at more
than $50 million, most of which was willed to his fourth wife
and to two children from a previous marriage.

Jennings, 67, signed the will on April 21, 2005, 16 days
after announcing on his World news Tonight program he had been
diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. He died on August 7 in
New York.

His will, filed for probate this week in New York's
Surrogate Court, lists $50 million in personal property and
$3.5 million in property in New York.

Besides leaving his widow, producer Kayce Freed, 50 percent
of the "net marital estate," she also got their Central Park
West apartment.

Jennings has appointed trustees to handle the distribution
of funds for his two children, Elizabeth, 25, and Christopher,
23. Both children were from his third marriage to author Kati
Marton, which ended in divorce.

He also left assets valued at $1 million to the Peter
Jennings Foundation, a charity he founded in 1998 that gives
money to fight homelessness, drug addiction, illiteracy and

Besides stock and real estate, Jennings' assets included
ownership of a race horse, Channel's Gate and another horse,
named Cabin Fever.