October 1, 2005

Eisner touts new Disney CEO Iger in farewell e-mail

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Former Walt Disney Co. Chief
Executive Michael Eisner told the media giant's employees in a
farewell e-mail the company was "poised for a tremendous
future" under his successor, according to a report on Saturday
in the Los Angeles Times.

"This company, which I so love, is poised for a tremendous
future, with superb management at all levels, entrusted to the
brilliant and steady chief executive officer, Bob Iger," Eisner
wrote in his e-mail. Eisner stepped down as chief executive on
Friday after 21 years running Disney.

"I want to thank everybody for letting me share a piece of
your lives for two decades," Eisner added. "While I leave
Disney with less hair than I had when I arrived, I do know
creative inquisitiveness never ages or tires. I feel as
optimistic as I did on October 1, 1984," Eisner wrote.

Eisner leaves behind a mixed legacy. He posted brilliant
early success but later faced executive turmoil, an operational
slump and a shareholder revolt launched by Roy Disney, nephew
of company founder Walt Disney.

The company's board made many of the changes urged by Roy
Disney but he failed to oust Eisner, who leaves on his own