October 3, 2005

Man ordered to keep away from Pam Anderson

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Actress Pamela Anderson won a
restraining order on Monday against a British man whom the
former "Baywatch" star has accused of stalking her and family

In ordering Peter Stansfield, 29, to stay away from
Anderson for three years, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge
Linda Lefkowitz called the evidence against him "sufficient,
clear and convincing."

In court documents filed last week, Anderson accused
Stansfield of "harassing" and "stalking" behavior that was
directed at her and her children.

The 38-year-old actress, who stars on the new Fox
television comedy "Stacked," said Stansfield has come to her
home in a gated Malibu community on several occasions and that
once she found him talking to one of her sons at his school.

"Ms. Anderson is rightfully a concerned parent," Anderson's
lawyer, John Gatti, told reporters outside court. "She's
concerned for the safety of her children and other children at
the school. This was improper conduct at the school, and it's
the kind of conduct that goes way beyond the bounds of

Neither Anderson nor Stansfield attended the hearing.