October 5, 2005

Stone, Wood join Estevez’ “Bobby” campaign

By Borys Kit

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Emilio Estevez has added
Sharon Stone and Elijah Wood to the high-wattage cast for
"Bobby," his passion project about the assassination of Robert
F. Kennedy, which he will write and direct.

Nick Cannon and Freddy Rodriguez have also joined the
lineup, which already includes Anthony Hopkins and Demi Moore.
Estevez also has a role.

The independently produced ensemble film mixes fact and
fiction to chronicle the intertwining lives of a grand cast of
characters, all of whom are present at Los Angeles' Ambassador
Hotel in the hours leading up to Kennedy's shooting.

Stone will play the wife of the hotel manager who works in
the hotel's beauty salon. Wood's character is marrying a girl
to change his draft classification. Cannon is a Youth for
Kennedy volunteer, and Rodriguez is a hotel busboy.

Ten more major roles need to be filled, but after 4-1/2
years, Estevez is 2-1/2 weeks away from the first day of
principal photography. The budget is less than $10 million.

Estevez was inspired to make the film by his friend,
director Roger Avary, who set his "Killing Zoe" primarily in
one location. At the same time, he wanted to make a picture
that was indigenous to Los Angeles, especially when so many
movies are getting made out of the country.

"In 2000, I found myself at the Ambassador Hotel for a
photo shoot with my brother (Charlie Sheen), and I remember
calling Roger going, 'I think I found it. I'm not sure what the
story is, but I think it's going to be about the day Bobby
Kennedy was shot,"' Estevez said. "I started to do the research
and started writing. I finished it about a week before 9/11."

Kennedy had made an impression on Estevez when he was a
child living in New York.

"I met Bobby when he was running for the Senate in 1967,
and he was campaigning down the street from where we lived in
New York," he said. "My father was doing some work on his
campaign and took me down to this police precinct where they
were campaigning. I was on his shoulders, and Bobby leaned out
and shook my hands.

"I remember the morning he was shot, I woke up my father
and told him the news. And the first stop we made when we moved
to L.A. in 1969 was the Ambassador Hotel."

The Ambassador is slated for demolition, so the production
hopes to re-create the hotel using the Biltmore hotel, Park
Plaza Hotel and Hollywood Park. Some parts of the Ambassador
will make it into the movie, however, after Estevez and his art
and props department attended an auction on the hotel grounds
September 10 and managed to come away with stationery, some
doors, keys, an oven, and the operator switchboard.

Stone recently completed "Basic Instinct 2: Risk
Addiction." Wood is currently in theaters with "Everything Is
Illuminated," and Cannon with "Roll Bounce." Rodriguez, best
known for his work on "Six Feet Under," will be seen in the
upcoming "Harsh Times."

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter