October 25, 2005

Britain’s Prince Charles gives rare US TV interview

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Britain's Prince Charles has given
a rare interview to U.S. television that will be broadcast on
the eve of his first joint official tour with his new wife,

CBS television's 60 Minutes said correspondent Steve Kroft
interviewed the heir to the British throne last month in the
English village of Poundbury -- the prince's pioneer project in
social and ecological harmony.

Details of the interview were not immediately available. It
will be aired on October 30.

Charles and Camilla, who married in April after a
35-year-affair, will visit New York, Washington and San
Francisco in November.

The official tour is seen as the first test abroad of the
popularity of the newlyweds. Charles' first wife, Princess
Diana, was extremely popular in the United States before her
death in a 1997 car crash.