October 27, 2005

Italians promise NBC tasteful Olympics opening

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Italy, known for risqu© taste in its
television shows, will keep its Winter Olympics performers
bundled up for U.S. prime-time television, organizers said on

Olympics broadcaster NBC television, owned by General
Electric Co., had to fend off criticism last year when the
Athens Olympics opening ceremony featured ancient Greek gods in
various stages of undress and simulated sex.

But Italy, where topless game show hosts are not uncommon,
will bow to American sensitivities for the Games.

"I've seen some people of NBC very nervous about it, but I
can assure you that our opening ceremony will be outstanding,"
said Evelina Christillin, deputy president of the organizing
committee for the Turin Games, set to run February 10 to 26.

"We will give the audience the best that Italy is able to
do in entertainment and all that concerns beauty," she told a
news conference in New York, declining to reveal the show's

A handful of viewers complained about the Athens opening
ceremony to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission
watchdog, prompting the Games chief to warn American regulators
not to try to police ancient Greek culture.

In a bigger controversy, CBS came under heavy criticism
when part of Janet Jackson's breast was momentarily exposed
during the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show.