November 7, 2005

NJ governor, US environment chief, now an actor too

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Former New Jersey governor and
Environmental Protection Agency chief Christine Todd Whitman
will make her stage debut in a comedy play "Inspecting Carol"
next month, the theater company said on Monday.

Whitman, who controlled the purse strings for the state of
New Jersey and the EPA before retiring from her cabinet
position in 2003, will play an inspector deciding whether a
struggling local theater group should get funded.

Whitman, involved in arts funding as governor of New
Jersey, has never acted in stage plays and will only play the
role for one day, said Charlie Seidenburg, spokesman for the
George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick, N.J.

Whitman has been active as a writer and critic of the Bush
administration since leaving her EPA post, and has been touted
as a possible moderate Republican candidate for president.

She is one of a number of guest stars who will play an
inspector sent by the National Endowment for the Arts to check
on a troubled local theater as it puts on its annual staging of
"A Christmas Carol." She appears in the show on Dec 3.