November 9, 2005

NBC tops with product placements

By Gail Schiller

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - NBC had far more product
placement on its primetime shows last season than any other
broadcast network, followed by CBS and Fox, according to
Nielsen Media Research.

NBC nearly doubled the number of its placements from 11,684
in the 2003-04 season to 21,286, according to the data provided
by Nielsen's Place Views product placement tracking service..

CBS came in second with 12,294 placements, up from 10,148
placements in 2003-04. Fox's placements rose significantly, to
10,422 from 7,933. ABC had 8,272 placements, also a notable
increase from the 2003-04 season tally of 6,557

UPN increased to 9,629 from 7,169. The WB Network, on the
other hand, had 8,468, down from 10,438 in 2003-04.

The total number of primetime placements on all six
broadcast networks rose more than 30% to 70,371 from 53,929 in
2003-04 , according to the Nielsen data, which does not track
which placements actually are paid for by advertisers.

For the most part, the same pattern is continuing among the
broadcast networks so far this season. NBC is in the lead with
4,066 placements as of November 1, followed by CBS with 3,085,
UPN with 1,779, WB with 1,356 and ABC with 1,067. Fox is in
last place with only 584 placements, mainly because "American
Idol" does not hit the airwaves until January.

The hit reality show, which has lucrative integration deals
with Coca-Cola, Ford and Cingular Wireless, tallied up more
than 3,000 placements in each of the past two seasons.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter