November 15, 2005

Sharon Stone settles lawsuit with plastic surgeon

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Actress Sharon Stone has agreed to
drop her lawsuit against a plastic surgeon she accused of libel
in return for his performing free surgery for children with
facial deformities, the doctor's lawyer said on Tuesday.

The settlement became final on Monday when Stone filed
papers in Los Angeles County Superior Court dismissing her
complaint against Dr. Renato Calabria, whom she accused of
making false claims that she had a face-lift, his attorney,
Arthur Barens told Reuters.

Stone's lawyer could not immediately be reached for

In exchange for dismissal of Stone's complaint, the Beverly
Hills physician agreed to provide his services on a pro bono
basis for a charity the actress is involved in that arranges
reconstructive facial surgery for children, Barens said.

"I think Ms. Stone did the honorable thing, and I think
that Dr. Calabria did an honorable thing, too," said another of
the surgeon's lawyers, Kevin Leichter. "(Calabria) managed to
turn a lawsuit into a benefit to the community."

The 47-year-old "Basic Instinct" star sued the doctor for
defamation and libel in December 2004, charging he had falsely
claimed to have given the actress a face-lift.

Barens has said his client never represented to anyone that
he had performed cosmetic surgery on Stone. "All he has ever
done is discuss vertical face surgery, a technique he
innovated, and articles have speculated that Stone had the
procedure," Barens said last year.

The case stemmed from an Us Weekly magazine article
headlined "Did Sharon Stone Have Surgery?" and a similar piece
published by In Touch magazine quoting Calabria, though he
refused to comment on Stone in the story.

According to her lawsuit, which sought unspecified damages,
Stone "has never undergone a face-lift in order to improve her
physical appearance. ... Stone prides herself not only on her
acting ability and other talents, but also on her natural
physical appearance."