November 21, 2005

CORRECTED – Computer animation leads Oscar list

In November 17 LOS ANGELES story headlined "Computer
animation leads Oscar list," please read in paragraph 3, "...
Oscar's list of 10 eligible films included "Robots," "Valiant"
and ..." instead of "... Oscar's list of 10 eligible films
included "Robots," DreamWorks' "Valiant" and ..." Deletes
reference to DreamWorks)

A corrected story follows.

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Computer-animated movies like
"Madagascar" and "Chicken Little" dominated the animation style
of 10 films named on Thursday for Oscar consideration,
highlighting the shift to the new form of moviemaking.

Hand-drawn Hollywood animation seems almost like a thing of
the past as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences,
which gives out the Oscars, put three more computer movies on
its short list, two others using stop-motion and another two
made in the Japanese hand-drawn style of anime.

Along with comedies "Madagascar" and "Chicken Little," the
computer-generated movies making Oscar's list of 10 eligible
films included "Robots," "Valiant" and the upcoming Little Red
Riding Hood spoof, "Hoodwinked."

"Tim Burton's Corpse Bride" and the British-made "Wallace
and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit," were the two movies
on the list that use stop-motion animation and figurines. In
stop-motion, each movement of a character is photographed frame
by frame and the frames are then strung together to create the
illusion of motion.

Japanese-made "Howl's Moving Castle" and "Steamboy" are the
two anime films, and the final movie is India's "Gulliver's
Travel," which has yet to screen in the United States. No
details about the film were available.

The animated feature film category was introduced at the
2002 awards, and the contenders have been dominated by
computer-animated fare. The last two winners, "The Incredibles"
and "Finding Nemo" were made by Pixar Animation Studios, which
pioneered the genre. The California firm sat out 2005, but will
be back next summer with "Cars."

A committee of animation experts picks the films that are
eligible to compete for the feature animation Oscar.

Nominees for all Oscar categories will be announced on
January 31, with the winners unveiled during the 78th annual
Academy Awards in Hollywood on March 5.