December 19, 2005

Iglesias senior, father of crooner Julio, dies at 90

MADRID (Reuters) - Julio Iglesias Puga, father of crooner
Julio Iglesias and grandfather of pop heartthrob Enrique
Iglesias, died on Monday aged 90, a Spanish hospital said.

He was in the news in recent weeks when Hola magazine said
his 42-year-old wife Ronna Keith was pregnant with their second

A colorful and outspoken ladies' man who appeared
frequently in gossip columns and on television, he died of
heart failure after being admitted to a Madrid hospital.

He had worked as a gynecologist and had survived kidnap by
Basque separatists ETA in the early 1980s, when he was held for
19 days in a underground cell.

In a recent authorized biography, "Iron Will," he admitted
he had cheated on Julio's mother, Charo da la Cueva, for years
and had a particular weakness for brunettes.