December 30, 2005

Green Day seeks some quiet after high-energy year

By Melinda Newman

LOS ANGELES (Billboard) - After one of the highest-grossing
tours of the past year and a hit album, "American Idiot," that
has scored a second record-of-the-year Grammy nomination, Green
Day hopes 2006 brings the sounds of silence.

One of the big winners at the December 6 Billboard Music
Awards, the band headed to Australia after the awards show for
two concerts before officially putting an end to the "American
Idiot" era.

And, as Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong admits, parting
can be such sweet sorrow. "It was a crazy year, but it's been
the best year of our career," he says. "It's going to be kind
of sad for it to end, but, you know, we don't have any

Finally coming off the road means the band can "get back to
some of the other aspects of what we do," bassist Mike Dirnt
says, "whether it's recording or just getting back into the
creative process again."

Although Armstrong says discussions about the next album
will begin in January, he says not to expect anything too soon.

"We'll start with silence, and that's how we'll be able to
find the inspiration to find another record," he says.

Part of that inspiration comes from knowing when to stop
touring. "A lot of people just keep going and going and going,"
Dirnt adds. It is important, he says, to know "when to call it
quits for a while and go home and rejuvenate and detox and
write another record."

Already, Armstrong says, individual ideas for new songs are
germinating. "We always share everything that we're doing.
Right now, it's a lot of writing for ourselves and it's staying
right there for right now and then (we'll) start to put the
puzzle together and then try to up the ante a little bit."

As the band members look back at 2005, Dirnt says the
highlight, in a year filled with them, was their stadium shows.
"It's just something that we worked really hard to get to, and
the fact that we were able to do that is something to be proud

Green Day grossed $36.5 million from 76 shows, according to
Billboard Boxscore. Its tour landed at No. 10 in the year-end
ranking of top treks.