February 8, 2006

“Joey” co-star jumps ship to CBS comedy

By Nellie Andreeva

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - "Joey" co-star Andrea
Anders is not waiting for the ax to fall on the NBC sitcom,
which is on hiatus and not expected to return for a third

Instead, she has joined the cast of CBS' comedy series "The

The action begins with a party thrown by 27-year-old Ethan
(Jason Ritter) for his girlfriend, whom he met in the third
grade. Ethan invites six other people who were in the class
with them, all of whom have lost touch with one another. The
party then becomes the springboard for following how the lives
of the reunited characters continue to intersect.

Anders and Jay Bernthal will play two of the schoolmates,
who were high school sweethearts. Also cast is Heather
Goldenhersh ("Kinsey").

In "Joey," Anders plays the sweet neighbor of the Matt
LeBlanc's title character.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter