February 22, 2006

Porn star’s voice on Comedy Central mobile video

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Porn star Jenna Jameson will lend her
voice to an animated series produced by Viacom's Comedy Central
that will be delivered to mobile phone users, the network said
on Wednesday.

The show, called "Samurai Love God," is the first original
animated mobile video series from Comedy Central, a unit owned
by Viacom Inc., and will also star 'The Daily Show'
correspondent Ed Helms,

The series has eight 2-1/2 minute episodes and will
premiere this quarter across three cellular carriers, Verizon,
Sprint Nextel and Amp'd. It will be available to all
subscribers of the carriers' standard video service.

'Samurai Love God' follows Comedy Central's launch of its
broadband video clip service, MotherLoad, which includes
original content and is already available on mobile phones.

The network has plans to roll out other original shows, it

"Even though it's still really early with just 2 percent of
the market with videophones to watch, these services are very
important to the operators and content providers. But consumers
are still not aware of them though young people are starting to
take them up," said Linda Barrabee, analyst at Yankee Group.

Viacom Chief Executive Officer Tom Freston in a
presentation to investors earlier this month emphasized the
growing importance of digital content to the future of the

"It's about scale and distribution. Outside our own
properties we need to make sure we are accessible everywhere to
consumers - beyond our own destinations, which presents a huge
upside," Freston had said.