March 3, 2006

Duran Duran duo tipping hat to musical influences

By Lars Brandle

LONDON (Billboard) - A quarter century after first crashing
sales charts worldwide, Duran Duran's two founders are
releasing a compilation that pays homage to the band's

Keyboardist Nick Rhodes and bassist John Taylor have
compiled "Only After Dark" (EMI) -- 18 tracks of the glam rock,
post-punk and electronic music that helped develop the group's
early sound.

As regulars at the now-defunct Rum Runner club in their
English hometown Birmingham, the duo were regularly exposed to
a cross-section of music from the likes of David Bowie,
Kraftwerk and Ultravox -- all featured on the album.

"As we were developing our own sound, this was the
backdrop," Rhodes says. "Everything was at a crossroads.
Everything was in flux."

Coming out May 1 in the United Kingdom, the album's art
incorporates images from photographer Paul Edmond's new book
"Duran Duran Unseen" (Reynolds & Hearn), which chronicles the
1979-82 Birmingham scene.