March 9, 2006

‘Maria’ star Moreno journeys to ‘Earth’

By Pamela Rolfe

MADRID (Hollywood Reporter) - Colombian actress Catalina
Sandino Moreno, who received an Oscar nomination last year for
playing a drug mule in "Maria Full of Grace," will star in the
19th century drama "The Heart of the Earth," producers
announced Thursday.

The story, from Spanish writer/director Antonio Cuadri ("La
Gran Vida"), is set around the British-owned mines of
Andalusia's Rio Tinto in 1888 and depicts the friendship of two
women, one Spanish and the other British, against the social
upheavals of the time.

The tale is based on the true story of the arrival of Cuban
anarchist Maximiliano Tornet, which resulted in a strike -- the
first ecological demonstration in history -- and a massacre.

The $14 million film will shoot for 12 weeks in Spain and
Portugal beginning March 31. Also on board are Sienna Guillory,
Hugh Dancy, Bernard Hill and Joaquim de Almeida.

Moreno's upcoming films include "Paris je t'aime," which
will screen at the Cannes Film Festival in May, and "Fast Food

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter