March 20, 2006

“Mission” movie going mobile first

By John Gaudiosi

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Only mobile gamers will
have the ability to be a virtual Ethan Hunt when mobile game
giant Gameloft unleashes "Mission: Impossible 3" across 150
carriers in May, coinciding with the worldwide rollout of the
Tom Cruise thriller.

This marks the second consecutive summer that distributor
Paramount Pictures' sister company Viacom Consumer Products has
bypassed consoles and opted instead to work with the French

Gameloft CEO Michel Guillemot said that the mobile initial
game "War of the Worlds," also starring Cruise, was one of the
publisher's top-selling titles last year. The actor has not
allowed his likeness or voice to be used in any video game to

"As handsets become more sophisticated, the gaming
capabilities will continue to exceed most people's
expectations," Guillemot said. "There's all this talk about the
next generation of consoles, but the next generation in gaming
is in the mobile platform."

Gameloft has a multiyear license for "M:I-3," which means
future iterations are likely. The first game will employ 2-D
graphics and follow the film's basic plot line.

While original games remain a focus, Gameloft continues to
look to Hollywood for big licenses. The publisher had success
in the fall with the "Peter Jackson's King Kong" mobile game
and will release a mobile game this year based on Fox's "The


Atari was the last game publisher to bring Ethan Hunt to
consoles in December 2003 in the original game "Mission
Impossible: Operation Surma." While the game was not based on
any film, it did feature the voice and likeness of Ving Rhames
as computer expert Luther Stickell. Atari also released
"Mission: Impossible" for PlayStation in 1999, which loosely
was based on the first film in the franchise.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter