April 6, 2006

Siouxsie bassist Severin preps reissues

By Jason MacNeil

TORONTO (Billboard) - More than a decade since Siouxsie and
the Banshees' last studio album, the group's back catalog is
being refurbished.

On June 1, Universal U.K. will release expanded editions of
the Banshees' 1978 debut, "The Scream," 1979's "Join Hands,"
1980's "Kaleidoscope" and 1981's "Juju." No North American
release date has yet been announced.

"Finding the material wasn't a problem -- remembering what
to look for was," original bassist Steven Severin told

The new editions are bolstered with various demos and
unreleased tracks, with "Kaleidoscope" containing 10 additional
songs. But Severin said the vaults aren't quite empty, citing
"The Scream" as an example. "The notorious 'Track Sessions'
were vetoed, which I thought was a shame considering people
will still buy them on bootleg," he said. "I felt that we could
have loosened the quality-control noose just a touch to enable
fans to hear these unreleased, early songs at a reasonable

Also about to appear from the Siouxsie archive is a DVD of
the 1983 home video "Nocturne," featuring a concert taped in
London the previous year plus the TV special "Play at Home." In
addition, "Juju" will receive a double-disc "deluxe edition"
treatment that Severin said should be finished by year's end.

Severin also has been shepherding a reissue of 1983's "Blue
Sunshine," his lone album with the Cure's Robert Smith as the
Glove. The set is tentatively due in July to coincide with a
new round of Cure reissues. The album's bonus material will
comprise "rough mixes" of songs with Smith singing "all the
guide vocals," according to Severin.

"(Fiction label head) Chris Parry strictly forbade Robert
from singing on the final album, but we managed to sneak him
onto two tracks under the proviso that neither was to be
released as singles," Severin said.

Severin also said Smith was quite eager to work on the
reissue. "In fact, in many ways he's driven it!" he added. "I
think it's been a bit of a mission on his part. He desperately
wanted to sing on the album at the time, so getting the chance
to release this 'alternative version' has become his personal
quest, I think."

And while Severin nixed any thoughts of a one-off concert
to celebrate "Blue Sunshine," both he and Smith are in
preliminary discussions about recording a new album together.
"I'm thinking more prequel than sequel," Severin said. "You
know, what led to the Glove being so disturbed."