April 9, 2006

Verizon calling up “O.C.” comic

By Carly Mayberry

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Fans of Fox's "The O.C."
know that young hipster Seth Cohen created his own graphic
novel that fictionalizes what goes on with his family and
friends. Now Warner Bros. and Fox are teaming with Verizon
Wireless to put that comic on mobile phones, extending the
intellectual property in a unique way.

Adam Brody's character calls his creation "Atomic County,"
and the partners have kept that name for the mobile series. The
14 animated episodes are based on the premise that someone has
stolen Seth's comic about the super-powered kids from Atomic
County and their heroic adventures, and the inked adventures
are coming to life.

In addition to the three-minute animated shorts, Verizon V
Cast subscribers also will get access to insider clips,
behind-the-scenes bloopers, outtakes, interviews and fashion
tips from the cast members. Subscribers also can pay to
download ringtones, ringback tones, wallpapers and games based
on the show and view the trailer of the upcoming episode.

The animated series, comprising a cast of characters
including heroes with such names as Lil' Miss Vixen and Cosmo
Lass and villains dubbed Mistress Widow and Battle Ax, is
described as "a throwback to the kitschy superhero cartoons of
the '80s, but with a modern twist."

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter